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Rutherford County

Contact information

Welcome to Rutherford County Schools, where our mission is "To Empower Today's Students to Grasp Tomorrow's Opportunities." As one of the fastest growing districts in Tennessee, our goal is to ensure we have programs and facilities designed to meet the existing and future needs of our students. We focus on developing strategies to address the whole child, and we seek to accomplish this task through continued collaboration with our parents and community stakeholders.

District information

  • Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12

Student Enrollment: 47,453

  • How has the number of students enrolled changed over time?

What does this mean?

This figure is a description of enrollment over time for this school or district. We can see how many students are enrolled in this school/district across a number of given years.

Why is this important?

It's important to examine how enrollment changes over time to see whether there are changes in the population of students served. This figure is a simple way to see whether or not enrollment is increasing, or decreasing, and how that might impact a district or school.

What percentage of students are in specific racial and ethnic student groups?

What does this mean?

These figures show how many students fall in each racial and ethnic group out of the entire student population.

Why is this important?

It is important to know the demographic composition of schools and districts in order to make accurate decisions and highlight school and district-level supports.


What percentage of students are in specific student groups?

What does this mean?

This shows how many students in specific groups make up the overall population of students.

Why is this important?

This is important when making decisions for students regarding levels of support and resources in various districts and schools.