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Ready Graduate
Ready Graduate - Are graduates ready to move beyond high school?

Ready Graduate - Are graduates ready to move beyond high school?

The Ready Graduate indicator measures student readiness for postsecondary and career. For 2017-18, a ready graduate is a student who graduated on time in 2017 (within four years and a summer) and earned a composite ACT score of a 21 or higher, or the equivalent score on the SAT.

A school, district, or the state can earn a high score by having a significant percentage of students graduating on time who also demonstrate readiness for postsecondary and career based on the above criteria or by showing a significant increase in that percentage.

For 2017-18, the rates below reflect the performance of the 2017 graduating class. In the future, there will be additional pathways provided to demonstrate readiness. These pathways will include student enrollment in early postsecondary opportunities, industry certifications, and military readiness.

How is this school, district, or the state performing?

Ready Graduate

2.5% increase from 2016
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Below are additional metrics that are related but NOT included in the calculation of the Ready to Graduate indicator.

additional indicators of readiness

Average ACT Composite Score

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CTE Concentrators

2.4% decrease from 2016
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*Schools will have an indicator score of “NA” if they do not have enough data. Possible reasons include but are not limited to schools having less than the 30 valid tests or only one year of data. For more information on suppression rules, please see more information here